Egrets Flowers & More

Silver Spotted Skipper 1 (On Verbana) (I.D. courtesy of Fred Tedsen [Skipper] and Peter May [Verbana])

After getting our fill of shooting flowers, I decided to re-gear and try for some birds. I had seen some cardinals and goldfinches earlier, but naturally once I was ready for them, they disappeared. We did come across some of these beautiful little butterflies, and so went after them. I had also set up my 550EX with the "Better Beamer" I recently acquired, to try my hand at some long-distance fill-flash with the birds. I left it on and shot the butterflies with it, mainly for the experience. The depth of field is a little too shallow, but I like the color combination in this shot. Canon 100-400 at 400, ISO 100, f/5.6, 1/160 second, 550EX/Better Beamer, Flash EV -1 1/3, Hand-held.

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