Butterflies 2 Gallery

After all the fun I had at the Butterfly Gardens in Durham, NC, I was happy to find out there was a Butterfly Pavilion in Myrtle Beach, about a half hour north of where we were going for vacation (Litchfield Beach, SC). The heat and humidity were more tolerable here, and we had a great time.

I used the same basic setup described in the first Butterflies Gallery: Canon 100-400 lens with 20 mm of extension, mounted on the Wimberley Sidekick/Arca Swiss B1 Ballhead, sitting on top of a Bogen-Manfrotto monopod, with 550EX flash on a Wimberley Combo 2 Macro Bracket, triggered by the ST-E2 transmitter. I believe I had the Stofen Omnibounce on the flash for most of these shots.