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Ex-Sandpiper with Alligator

This was a totally unexpected occurrence. I was taking a brief break away from the camera, sitting and enjoying the beautiful day. I saw two birds coming in my direction, and jumped up to get to the camera. I was able to get a single shot of one of the birds as it crossed my path, and then heard a lot of commotion off to my right. I panned over there, and saw that an Alligator had snatched up the other bird, and was slowly eating it!!! I took a number of shots, but the weeds, distance, and the position of the Alligator made it impossible to get a clear shot. This was the best of the several I took. If only I had been at my camera a few seconds earlier! Canon 100-400, 1.4x II TC, at 560 mm, ISO 200, f/8 1/400 second (center-weighted mode, manual focus); Wimberley Sidekick/ArcaSwiss Ballhead/Gitzo tripod.