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Boat-billed Heron

Image # 1D2_03643

Tarcoles River


Canon 600L/f4 IS with 1.4x II Teleconverter

ISO 800, f/5.6, 1/320 second

Manual Metering

Gitzo 1325/ArcaSwiss B1/Wimberley Sidekick


We came across this heron fairly quickly after setting out on the river. Even though the skies were clear, this bird was under some heavy vegetation, and so in fairly dense shade. A few minutes before I had been setting up my gear, and intended to use some flash here. I discovered after a few minutes that I had neglected to attach the off-shoe cord to my camera (!) so had to work this underexposed image in Photoshop to salvage it. If I had thought and taken the time, I should also have removed the 1.4x teleconverter. But I was happy to get a shot of this interesting little bird in the clear, as there are significant obstructions in the other shots I have of it.