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Quetzal 'Peek-a-boo'

Image # 1D2_03923

Cerro de la Muerte


Canon 600L/f4 IS

ISO 400, f/6.3, 1/250 second

Manual Metering, 550EX/BB at 0 EV

Gitzo 1325/ArcaSwiss B1/Wimberley Sidekick


We were extremely fortunate to have fairly easy and close access to a pair of nesting Resplendant Quetzal, and we spent many hours there. The male or female would go inside the tree trunk, where the nest and chick were located, and could stay there for a few minutes, or several hours. One would arrive with some food, they'd change places, sometimes 'pose' on branches, etc. It was really pretty exciting to see these infrequently seen and quite beautiful birds. In this shot, the male (as indicated by the long tail feathers) was about to leave the nest. While in there, there was nothing visible but the tail-feathers, and as he started to emerge, he was partly in and partly out, making for some interesting shots.