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Turquoise-browed Motmot Juvenile

Image # 1D2_03965

Tarcoles River


Canon 600L/f4 IS with 1.4x II Teleconverter

ISO 500, f/8, 1/1250 second

Manual Metering, 550EX/BB at -1 2/3 EV

Gitzo 1325/ArcaSwiss B1/Wimberley Sidekick


This individual was perched a short distance away from the first, and although in a somewhat more cluttered area, it was a beautiful specimen. Our guide indicated that this was a juvenile, as indicated by the tail feathers. In the adult in the first shot, there is the usual 'motmot' appearance, with a long thin feather shaft ending with a tuft at the end, while this one hasn't reached that point yet. Some have expressed their opinion that the Motmots intentionally pluck parts of the feathers to create the adult appearance, while others claim it is the result of natural abrasion with branches, etc. along with preening.