Birds in Flight Gallery

As expected, capturing these birds in flight was the most challenging shooting I did, especially considering I had to rely on manual focusing (a first for me in this type of 'action' photography). Results were mixed, but I had a few shots hopefully worth your looking at.

All of the images in this gallery were taken with the same equipment/setup: Canon 100-400L with Canon 1.4x II Teleconverter, mounted on the Wimberley Sidekick/Arca Swiss B1 Ballhead, sitting on the Gitzo 1325 Tripod. I was extremely pleased with the balance and maneuverability of this setup in allowing me to pan, tilt, and follow these birds in flight. Although some apparently have good results leaving the Image Stabilization of this lens 'on' with tripod use, I followed Canon's recommendations in leaving it off.

These were all taken at Huntington Beach State Park, SC.