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Osprey with Chicks 1

Image # 1D2_04845

Lake Marion


Canon 600L/f4 IS with 1.4x II Teleconverter

ISO 640, f/8, 1/2000 second

Manual Exposure

Gitzo 1329/ArcaSwiss B1/Wimberley Sidekick


There were several nests with chicks in them, and many of them were (dangerously) close to the water. This provided better than average shooting opportunity, but puts the chicks at risk if the water levels were to rise much more. Doug did a great job of combating the wind to navigate and stabilize the boat's position where we could get a decent angle on the nests. Because the nests are composed of random sticks and branches, they seemed to always be partly, or totally, obscuring our view, which was quite frustrating. But every once in a while you would get a relatively clear shot.