Upper Antelope Canyon/Lake Powell

Upper Antelope Canyon 1

When we were preparing to head out toward the Canyon, the skies were turning cloudier and cloudier, and for the first hour and a half there, there were only brief episodes where the sun would shine and illuminate the upper sections of the canyon. In addition, it was hard to believe the number of people, tripods, cameras, etc., crammed into the relatively cramped passageways. So with the wind really blowing in the sand through the entire canyon, all these issues made shooting difficult at best. I was able to get a few decent images during this initial period. All of the shots at the Canyon required using a Tripod (as well as a plastic bag to put over your camera/lens to protect them from the sand-storm going on!), so the money I spent for it really paid off. This shot was taken with the Canon 17-35 at 28 mm, ISO 100, f/22, 13 seconds.

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