Upper Antelope Canyon/Lake Powell

Canyon Light Shafts 1

It was getting toward late morning, I had sand in every orifice of my body, I was getting hungry, and a bit frustrated as well. I went toward the entrance of the cave, found a spot relatively protected from the wind, and chowed down on the sandwich and drink I had brought with me. There was a vehicle that could return me to Page a little earlier than scheduled if I wanted, and I was considering that option. I decided to head back in, and see what remaining shooting opportunities I might find.

As I got near the area shown above, I noticed a bright, vague area of sunlight starting to filter in. It took me a few seconds to realize what was about to happen, and once I did, I set up my equipment as quickly as possible (next to two others already in place), and tried to make sure I didn't make any stupid mistakes in camera set-up! Over the next 20 minutes, I was totally enthralled watching (and photographing) this awesome spectacle, as light shafts pierced the darkness of the canyon, creating a sight I will long treasure! I took shot after shot, trying different parameters to make sure sure I got at least one keeper! Canon 17-35 at 17 mm, ISO 100, f/11, 1.6 seconds.

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