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Tiger Swallowtail Butterfly

I had just set up 3 hummingbird feeders in our backyard, hoping to attract some of these beautiful creatures, and was perched on my porch with my camera and tripod all set and ready to go. No hummingbirds showed up, but as I was sitting and waiting, this Tiger Swallowtail floated by. I removed my camera from the tripod, followed him, and was fortunate to have him land on some bushes not too far away. I had the 100-400 lens on the camera for the hummingbirds, so this is what I used for this shot. ISO 200, f/5.6, 1/1000 sec. I also have to confess - the tail on the right side was actually missing on this specimen - so I copied the tail from the left side, reversed it, pasted it in, and smoothed it out.

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