South Carolina Birds - May, 2011

May 5 - 8, 2011

For the last few years, most of our photography trips have been to International (Costa Rica, Brazil, the Amazon River, etc.), and we have not done as much local shooting as we had in the past.  So this past May, my wife and I headed down to one of our favorite locations in South Carolina - Huntington Beach State Park, and the natural rookery behind the Waccatee Zoo, a few minutes down the road.

We were able to get a number of flight shots of various bird species, saw a fair amount of nest building and feeding at the rookery, but we were most excited to see and shoot our first Painted Bunting.  We have posted a small selection of our images from this trip in this Gallery.


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Painted Bunting  Green Heron Landing Green Heron In Flight


Little Blue Heron In Flight Snowy Egret In Flight Great Blue Heron In Flight


Great Egret: White on White Great Egret Feeding Chicks Great Egret In Flight