Zion National Park

Sunrise near new Visitor's Center

A funny story comes with this shot. I purchased Laurent Martres' book Land of the Canyons in preparation for this trip; it is a "photographer's guide to Utah and Arizona." In it, he recommends shooting behind the Visitor's Center as the best place to get sunrise pictures at Zion. So we were up well before dawn, and headed there the first morning we were at Zion. I walked all around the area, and for the life of me, couldn't find any decent location from which to shoot. I was quite puzzled and frustrated. I set up the tripod, and tried to get a few decent shots anyway. I found out later that day that he must have been talking about the old Visitor's Center, now the future site of the Zion Museum. Apparently they moved it sometime between when the book was published and our visit this year! This was the only decent shot I got that morning. Canon 17-35L at 34 mm, ISO 100, f/16 at 1/4 second (tripod mounted).

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