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Capuchin Up-close 1

Image # 1D2_02265

Tortuguero Park River/Canals


Canon 600L/f4 IS

ISO 400, f/5.6, 1/500 second

Manual Metering

Gitzo 1329/Arca Swiss B1/Wimberley Sidekick


I had thoroughly enjoyed the boat rides at Tortuguero during my first visit to Costa Rica, and I was anxious to do this again. This time, we had an awesome encounter with a small troop of White-faced Monkeys (Capuchins), right at the river's edge. They were actively feeding, quite close to the water, virtually at eye-level much of the time. With my 600mm lens, I was able to get some really tight shots, and we all had a great time shooting these beautiful little monkeys. I especially like how you can see the pollen from the flowers on his fur, along with the flowers themselves.