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Incoming Chopper

Image # 1D2_01653

Fox Glacier, New Zealand


Canon 28-70L/f2.8 at 70 mm

ISO 200, f/8, 1/500 second

Manual Metering



While the final shots here are not really "nature and wildlife" shots, the experience we had at Fox Glacier was one of the highlights of the trip, and I hope I'll be forgiven for a little indulgence here.

Our original plans were for a "plain" hike on Fox Glacier, where we would be bussed to a location, hike a fair while through the woods, eventually getting onto Fox Glacier. We'd then hike a while on there and return. After speaking with some people in the area, we "upgraded" this to a 'Heli-hike' where we would take a short helicopter ride, land further up on the glacier, and then have over 2 hours to hike before returning. This was fairly expensive, but we thought it would give us a much more exciting experience. Little did we know! This shot was taken after our helicopter had deposited us in the landing area on the glacier, and we were waiting for the others in our group.