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Seals at Doubtful Sound

Image # 1D2_01713

Doubtful Sound, New Zealand


Canon 100-400L IS at 400 mm

ISO 400, f/10, 1/1000 second

Manual Metering



We took 2 cruises during our multi-day stay at Te Anau: the first day we went to Milford Sound, the second day to Doubtful Sound. The weather was completely different between these 2 days, making for very different experiences. The Milford Sound trip was extremely overcast, with only a touch of intermittent sunlight during the final section of the cruise, while we were in beautiful sunlight for most of the Doubtful Sound trip (once the fog lifted as we crossed Lake Manapouri). The seas were quite smooth for both trips, and they were able to go out to a cluster of small rocky islands where the seals liked to hang out. The boat we were on was quite crowded, and I couldn't figure out where to go for the best shooting, and by the time I got in position, the boat was already starting to back away from the seals. It was an incredibly beautiful setting, and I was glad I got at least a few shots before we left.