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New Zealand Robin

Image # 1D2_01728

Ulva Island, New Zealand


Canon 100-400L IS at 400 mm

ISO 3200, f/5.6, 1/160 second

Manual Metering



On our walk back to the pick-up point to return to Stuart Island, we went through some pretty densely forested areas, and came across a few of these Robins. Most of the time they were deep in bush, and basically unshootable, but this one perched out in the open (although pretty back-lit). I took a shot or two with flash, but preferred this one taken with natural light. It was quite dark, requiring ISO 3200, shooting wide-open, and only a shutter speed of 1/160. It also required some work with Neat Image and careful Photoshop work (especially using the Highlight & Shadow tool), but I was reasonably pleased with how it came out.